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Many requests...white girdle bondage. Enjoy !

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   6 Minute    Holloween maid knocks on the wrong door and changes from arrogant to submissive !

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  10 Mins  Babette visits a tgurl bondage fan in Warm Springs Va.   Sexy bedroom bondage fun with help from the Warm Springs party goers .!
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 Sexy bit gag gets removed for a bound BJ session !
It's more flying lessons for our airborne tramp.  And then some mandatory arm binder ground school !

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10 Mins           MP4    (small)

Jen entices Babs to the room.  She's very skillful with rope and Babs finds out finds out why !

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13 Mins                MP4   small

  Gagging includes a 4 inch foam ball as stuffing with several layers on top !!

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5 Minute    Studio or Bedroom.  It looks like the bedroom wins !
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  How to marry a reluctant Lesbian !!  Emily wasn't real relectant but we applied a little "convincing" to make sure !!  If you know our Emily, you know this will be sexy, naughty and adorable !

17 Minute Double Feature:
Mistress Jen helps a silly sub with her poor cock and bondage skills...Also considerable crop and paddle training once she seems to grasp the cock concept.

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Jacky and Babs tied
together in bed. 8 Mins

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MP4              Phone  

17 Mins    Babette still bound on the bed in Warm Springs Va. thinks she's about to be released when Donna visits her.  Donna seems to enjoy herself with this scenario.  Super sexy bedroom bondage !!

MP4            1 

You might be a redneck if you're a grown ass woman and you still wear pigtails.  2 country girls fight for domination at the OK Motel

12 Mins            Wanna Wrestle ?

   Part 1            MP4                      Phone                8

 10 Mins  Girl on girl.  Taping ultra sexy girl next door, Paige..
 Part 2            MP4              Phone       4

9 Mins  Girl on girl.  Taping escallates and Paige pumps up an inflateable butt plug !

Part 3         
  MP4                 Phone        9


Girl on girl Bed Spread !!

May 2019    Upgraded 3 videos edited into 1 great 8 minute video - A day with the fabulous Maid Suzy . Everyone gets tied up and taken for a ride !

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Preview Maid Suzy



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9 Mins  Note that this is X rated.  Two girls / too many cocktails ?  Babette is bound, and gagged and then ? 
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While playing with her dildo she is surprised by a man whose tired of looking for a shemale and decides to build one from scratch.    15 Mins

MP4          Phone

Why is this girl so mad?   6 Mins 
Part 1    8 Mins....They had access to an empty condo.  They had 4 rolls of tape and they had knky ideas so they made this video !!

MP4                   Phone

Part 2      More tape !!

MP4              Phone


Revenge of the Bimbos   ~  On 2 occasions the tables are turned using "special" hypnosis techniques to capture the rigger !! 

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    Part 1

Nasty rubber, girl, in a marathon bondage struggle.   She endures the struggle, but finally submits...Some of the strictest, bondage we've ever done...   9 Mins

MP4          Phone     5

Rubber girl, now properly gagged, continues to struggle with challenges.  Beautiful strict bondage with hints of escape that never quite come true.     8 Mins

    Part 2

An all time fan favorite in 3 parts   Hot-Motel-Bondage

Part 1

MP4                   Phone
An all time fan favorite in 3 parts  Hot-Motel-Bondage

  Part 2

MP4              Phone

An all time fan favorite in 3 parts


MP4             Phone          Part 3
MP4             Phone

This Jen girl keeps tying up Babette and telling her what to do.  Babette likes it up to a point but enough is enough !!  9 Mins

MP4           Phone

Bad girls in a Denver Motel.  It starts as silly girly fun but oh oh, then the spankings get crazy !  7 Mins 

Part 1 of 2

MP4         Phone

The spankings will continue until morale improves !!  When morale improves out comes the strap on !!  OH OH !  15 Mins 

         Part 2 of 2

10 Mins  ...Learn to suck better slut

MP4                  Phone


High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Maid   ~ She's doing her damnedest to clean up while bound and gagged ?!?!    
7 Mins  Part 1



High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Sissy Slut  She's a maid and she's making a mess by drooling through her ball gag.  She needs a huge drool stopping gag and to be put on the floor where she'll stay bound and gagged !      6 Mins  Part 2 




When the  action changes to some vigorous bondage sex games.  Our poor girl thinks she should play along, to stay on good terms with this sex crazed bondage lover !!

 MP4              Phone

This re edited video was very hot to make and a huge longtime favorite.

MP4                Phone

 So this is the guy they hired for the
 bachelorette party??  12 Mins.

MP4                  Phone

      Part 1

The An armbinder is not enough to keep this naughty little bitch in her place.   7 Mins


MP4              Phone

The Struggling Finale for this girl who thinks she can just run away. Run all you want, you're not getting away !!  11 Mins 

  Part 2
Videos labeled "Phone MP4" or "Phone" are small MP4s and will play on your computer browser as well as your smart phone.
MP4       Phone

It includes one of the best  invisible gags you'll ever see with realistic lips painted over !
  4 Mins


MP4            Phone

Then the girls are forced into a double dong sucking marathon. 
 6 Mins
9 Mins... A lovely day with 2 very secretive French Maids.  Bondage, abductions cleaning and being out in public fill these girl's day!  A members only viewing.

MP4                                    Phone
Updated MP4                            Phone

Newly Re Edited Favorite   Favorite rigging couple, Dave and Susan enact this beautifully narrated, sexy scene.

Videos labeled "Phone MP4" or "Phone" are small MP4s and will play on your computer browser as well as your smart phone.
MP4           Phone

Master X uses stretchy, shiny,  Bundling Tape and goes a little crazy on Babette's ass !  17 Mins

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 Sexy ass foreplay and a lesbian, bondage wedding with a blushing reluctant bride
.      8 Mins


MP4            Phone

This guy is visited by a nurse who enjoys her power over men !!  Bondage, spanking and other femme domm'ing. 10 Mins

   Part 1  
 MP4             Phone

Now he becomes gagged with her panties and the super domme nurse really intends to "heal" this guy of his whining and disrespect for nurses !  
   13 Mins

 Part 2 2
Videos labeled "Phone MP4" are small MP4s and will play on your computer browser as well as your smart phone.
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